Genisco Filter Compresses Lead Times to Meet Growing EMI/RFI Filter Market Demand

CHICKASHA, Okla. – October 20, 2020 – ([1] )

“At Genisco, we’ve always designed our production lines to have the flexibility to respond to market demands,” said Travis Posey, Vice President of Business Development, Genisco Filter[2]. “We strive to be nimble, so when forecasting showed an uptick in demand for our EMI/RFI filters, we immediately moved to further optimize our output capacity.”

Genisco filters are ISO9001:2008 certified and made in the United States of America. Genisco manufactures EMI/RFI filters for some of the top names in the industry which include the US Government and affiliated agencies, military and aerospace contractors. And, due to the flexible scalability of Genisco’s operations, the company can even provide small-batch orders to accommodate independent needs.

Genisco’s EMI/RFI power line filter panels[3] continue to be the product of choice for operators that insist on using proven and trusted products that prevent unwanted signals and interference on power lines.

In addition to their filter panels, Genisco’s communication products boast low-pass electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference filters (EMI & RFI) that will block issues with high-frequency noise that can interfere with the operation of sensitive electrical equipment.

“Genisco’s communication filters are singled out for fire alarm and security applications[4],” said Mike Sandvig, Product Engineer, Genisco Filter. “Our comms filters[5] eliminate unwanted signals and chatter on the lines to reduce false alarms. Ensuring sound integrity is an absolute must for our filters and our customers who’ve come to trust in them.”

Genisco also sells standalone installations that can be retrofitted to an existing space. Units are built with a gasketed pipe to penetrate shielded environments for maximum emission integrity.

Genisco filters are available for expedited ordering[6], with international shipping capabilities that can deliver products to customers, on average, as soon as 6 weeks, with some products in as little as 4 weeks.

About Genisco Filter
With operations headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Genisco[7] is the innovative leader in the engineering and precision manufacturing of EMI/RFI filters. All Genisco products are made in the U.S.A.

Genisco is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is the premier choice for EMI/RFI filters, including power line filter panels[8], communications filters[9], inverter and power supply filters, and other filter products for an array of industries including government, military, aerospace, communications, computer peripheral manufacturers, electrical contractors and more. Their products are used in a variety of applications including shield rooms, SCIF, server farms, government buildings, test facilities, telephones, fire alarms, p.a. systems, solar farms, wind power, and more.

Genisco is a subsidiary of HSI Sensing[10] and is a privately held company wholly owned by the employees. For more information about Genisico, please call (855) 436-4726 or visit[11].

Press Contact
Travis Posey, Genisco Filter
Vice President Business Development
(405) 436-4726

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