Press Release: Zbizlink adds proprietary RFP Parser and more to ramp up business development solutions

BALTIMORE, Jan. 14, 2020 – Zbizlink[1] announced today the immediate release of the proprietary RFP Parser, a new solution, that allows instant data extraction and drag and drop editing to increase efficiency during request for proposal (RFP) review and task assignment.

A unique add-in to the feature-rich tool, Zbizlink’s RFP Parser[2] allows users to import and parse lengthy, complex documents into manageable sections, such as Proposal Summary, Scope, Background, and other requirements. The new release reinforces a longstanding company commitment to provide quality technical solutions that add user value.

“We understand the challenges of the proposal management process,” said Amjad Nagrah, CEO of Zbizlink. “Reviewing long RFPs with technical and industry jargon causes confusion and takes up time, and this is before the proposal process starts. Zbizlink’s RFP Parser mitigates those challenges and allows proposal teams to be strategic about data management and meeting requirements. We were careful to consider the workflows involved when designing the Parser.”

Zbizlink’s RFP Parser is not limited to importing just RFPs. It parses a variety of solicitation documents including requests for information (RFIs), requests for resume (RFRs), requests for quote (RFQs), and more.

In addition to the RFP Parser, Zbizlink released several other upgrades to the software available now, including:

  • Opportunity lifecycle management. Users are able to evaluate past performance and captured data to identify predictable patterns of success for repeatable solutions. Thereby reducing risk to secure more closed-won opportunities.
  • An upgraded user experience. Getting started with Zbizlink is easier so users don’t have to spend a ton of time learning how to use it. Upgrades support team collaboration and simplify workflow to as little steps as possible.
  • Secure, shared workspace. A major development, this upgrade helps users manage confidential information with authorized visibility and capture management, while ensuring seamless approvals within a secure workspace for unlimited team members.

To learn more information, visit[3].

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